Terms and Conditions

LondraTour does not charge any night fares (on arrival) and guarantees the transfer even if your flight arrives late. Despite this we reserve the right to apply certain terms and conditions:

  1. After landing you will need to go through passports’ control that takes about 40 minutes, the driver will wait for you for an hour from landing without additional costs after one hour from landing, £ 5 pounds will be applied for every 10 minutes of waiting or part of them (due to car park’s high costs).
  2. It is a recurring problem that customers, when going to the airport, are late especially for transfers in early morning hours. We reserve the option to charge £ 5 pounds for every 10 minutes of waiting time, starting after 10 minutes the vehicle is arrived.
  3. No night fares will be applied upon your arrival at the Airport, while an extra £ 10 pounds may apply if your departure from London to go to the Airport falls in early morning hours.
  4. Our fares refer to the distance between the airport and central London (zone one) in case your destination address is located outside the zone one, the rate may be slightly different.
  5. Londratour takes no responsibility for any consequences caused by delays to / from airports caused by heavy motorway traffic or motorway accidents, therefore it does not refund airline tickets in case the flight is lost.

Note: all prices are quoted in English pounds.

ALL PROMOTIONAL OFFERS, DISCOUNTS, COUPONS, ARE NOT VALID on Bank Holiday AND IN HIGH SEASON PERIODS. That is in the periods from 1/3 to 25/9 and from 1/12 to 25/1