Canterbury + Dover + Leeds Castle

Tour of Canterbury, Dover, Leeds Castle

Canterbury is located in the southern side of England, placed not far from London. It counts 43,431 inhabitants according to the 2001 census. It is part of the district of the City of Canterbury. Famous for its Cathedral, Colleges, shops and restaurants.

Dover is one of the most important city in the United Kingdom because of its Sea Port, located in the extreme south-eastern part of the island, in correspondence of the homonymous Gibraltar Strait and near the famous White Cliffs and Dover Castle.

Leeds’ Castle is a medieval and renaissance English castle, built between the Xll and XVI centuries on two islets in an artificial lake (formed by the damming of the river Len) in the village of Leeds, Kent town ( South-east England) located near Maidstone and part of the homonymous borough.

Defined by many as “the most beautiful (or the most romantic) British Castle” if not even”the most beautiful castle in the world” (definition that is due, among other things, to Lord Conway) and nicknamed “Ladies’ Castle” or “Lady’s Castle” to be historically linked to female figures, it was built in 1119 by the Normans and was a royal residence for almost three centuries, from 1278 to 1552 (Tudor era), as well as prison (especially during the Napoleonic wars but not only) and garrison and “theatre” of numerous clashes for the fight against the succession to the throne of England.
The Castle hosted several Queens (such as Eleonora di Castiglia, Isabella di Castiglia, Giovanna di Navarra, Caterina di Valois, Caterina d'Aragona, etc.), particularly during his widowhood or divorces, and among his most famous patrons also includes King Henry VIII , of which a full-size bust was erected on site.
In addition to the royal family, it was owned by the Fairfax, Culpepper and Wykeham Martins families.
His last owner was an Anglo-American heiresses known as Lady Baillie, who lived there until her death in 1974. Currently administered by the Leeds Castle Foundation, it has been opened to the public since 1976 and is also used for conferences, receptions, concerts, banquets, weddings, etc.

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