Stonehenge e Windsor Castle

Stonehenge and Windsor Castle Tour

Stonehenge (hanged stone, from “stone” and “henge” ) it’s a Neolithic place, near Amesbury in the Wiltshire, England, about 13 kilometers far to the north west of Salisbury. It is composed by a circular group of standing stones, known as megalithic stones. This place has been added to the list of UNESCO Heritages in 1986. Stonehenge’s stones are aligned with a particular meaning with the astronomical points of solstices and equinoxes. As a consequence many people affirm that this site was an “old astronomical observatory”even if the importance of its use for that reason is debated and actually it has become a tourist destination. Currently Stonehenge is a place of Celtics, Wicca, and other neopagans religions’ pilgrimage. Before it was a theatre of a musical festival between 1972 and 1984; in 1985 that festival was banned from English government because of the violent clashes between the police and some participants, known as “the Battle of Beanfield“.

Another stop of our itinerary is Windsor; beyond the famous castle (summer house of the Royal Family) you will admire the characteristic village of Windsor among shops, restaurants, landscapes that you will never forget.

Windsor Castle and Stonehenge will be visited in the same day, entry tickets are not included.

For this Tour you will have a private car for your own.
Leaving at 08:30am from your place coming back at 04:30pm (From centre London)

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Price rangeFull day
Until 2 passengers £ 220
Until 3 passengers £ 230
Until 4 passengers £ 240
Until 5 passengers £ 270
Until 6 passengers £ 280
Until 7 passengers £ 310
Until 8 passengers £ 320