Cambridge, is since 1951 a city which owes its position to the crossing of a natural line of communication. The River Cam that constituted a route from south-west to north-east, it was a main artery for traffic through the Fenland until the railway period. Cambridge is located in the east of England, and is home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, founded in 1209. Among the colleges you can find the King’s College, famous for its choir and the imposing Gothic chapel, the Trinity College, founded by Henry VIII, and St. John’s College with the Great Gate dating back to the 16th century also the University museums which has sections dedicated to archeology and anthropology, polar explorations, science and zoology.

You can get to Cambridge via Train from London Kings Cross or Liverpool St. Station. The most convenient Airport to go to Cambridge is Stansted situated 40 km away, about forty minutes by car.

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